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Youtube Red APK– Hi Friends! Today, we are going to talk about something which I am completely sure that you all are going to relate to. YouTube, just read this one word and tell us how many thoughts come to your mind. We know its videos, videos, and even more videos. It has just become another word or synonym for videos.

Some of you might be using YouTube for entertainment and some of you might also utilize its potential for learning new things. All of us are aware of the power of YouTube in today’s lives, however, the one irritating thing or rather a limitation that we all face while using YouTube is the advertisements that are pushed before watching a video, whether you like it or not.

We cannot get rid of these ads as they are the only way of revenue for Google-owned YouTube. Many of you might already be aware of that. Anyway, you are gonna leaving these ads behind after reading this article.

youtube red apk

What is YouTube Red APK?

If YouTube were to offer the ad-free version of the app, then the only way to do it was to charge a direct fee to the users or YouTubers, and so they did. In the year 2014, YouTube launched an ad free version of its app in many of the countries(not all) for the users who want to use it without ads and are ready to pay for that.

Imagine the pleasure of using your favourite YouTube videos without the ads interrupting you, sounds exciting right? So let us introduce to the paid YouTube service that is called YouTube Red. So, you will be knowing what youtube red apk for android is all about satisfaction.

As you can see you get ad-free, offline and background play of music and videos combined with new YouTube music service and YouTube originals made exclusively for YouTube Red users. Earlier it included only ad-free access to music and videos on YouTube, but later it was expanded to include all the YouTube videos.

Now let us directly jump to the purpose of writing this article. Think if you can enjoy these YouTube Red services without paying a single penny. Who doesn’t like limitless entertainment with nothing coming between you and your favourite videos? We are writing this article to bring to you the way of accessing YouTube Red using a simple trick.

The trick is no rocket science but it’s just about free download youtube red apk mod that is a modified version of the official YouTube Red app. This APK is available for free and is called modded YouTube Red Android because it is a modified version.

Many of you might be already aware of what APK is, for those who are not let is tell you that it is the file format of the app that is required for installation in android phones. YouTube Red Mod APK comes with some of the best features that you always longed for in the official YouTube app. Some of them are:

Youtube Red APK Features:

1. Ad-Free Videos:

youtube red apk downlaod

This is the key feature that we were looking for a long time on YouTube. YouTube Red Mod APK provides you with one of the best features of watching YouTube Red videos without advertisements. So no need of skipping or watching full-length ads anymore, you may thank us later! Read on.

2. YouTube background play

youtube red apk mod

This is another key feature after the ad-free facility which all of us wanted. If you ever tried to exit the YouTube app to continue playing your favourite videos in the background, then you must have been unsuccessful in doing that. But YouTube Red Mod APK will enable you to do that and you can now enjoy playing videos in the background.

3. No need to uninstall official YouTube

free download youtube red

Yes! You need not to remove the other YouTube app to use this YouTube Red APK and can actually keep both apps on your phone at the same time. That sounds like your need, isn’t it?

4. Works seamlessly with Chromecast

youtube red apk mod

We know you had always wished to play your favourite entertainment on the big screen, Chromecast is the product that fulfilled your wish. Just like the official YouTube app that provides Chromecast support, YouTube Red Mod APK also provides the same so this is also not a limitation if you were already thinking about that.

Some of the other features of the YouTube Red APK are:

  •  Better video quality and lesser bandwidth usage.
  •  Override Max Resolution Limit
  •  Enable/Disable Info Cards on videos
  •  Enable/Disable Suggestions Cards on videos
  •  Enable/Disable channel branding watermark on videos
  •  Pinch to zoom

So why do we wait? Just download free YouTube Red APK for Android from here and unlock all the barriers!

Download YouTube Red APK for Android Device

Before you install YouTube Red, you need to take care of some points to smoothly install it on your phone. Just follow these basic steps and you are ready to install the Red APK:

  1. Firstly, you should go to the settings screen of your android phone, then you will find “Security” or “Lock screen and security” option on the settings screen.
  2. When you click on the option mentioned in the above step, you will see one more option called “unknown sources”. You just need to turn this option ON for the smooth installation of YouTube Red APK. Otherwise, your Android device will block this APK.
  3. Now, download the YouTube Red APK from the given link, you will find the APK in the downloads folder of your phone. That’s it! You are done! Now tap on the APK that you just downloaded and be ready to unlock the ad-free world of entertainment.
  4. Once you tap on the APK, you will get a prompt for installation just like you would get for any other app that you receive from your friends on Share it or Xender.
  5. The installation will finish in less than a minute. After the installation is finished, you can click on open the app like any normal app on your phone and your limit free entertainment is unlocked forever!

Wrapping Up,

So, this was all about limitless youtube version incorporation with an amazing app called YouTube Red APK. From the comprehensive guide described above, You will be easily able to run ad free version of YouTube. And, it’s all absolutely free of cost too! Enjoy 🙂


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