5 Ways to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070422 Easily

You are probably reading this article because you came across an error message while trying to update your Windows OS. The error 0x80070422 to be more specific. Any error is annoying and you surely would want to get rid of it. This error seems to be encountered especially when you’re trying to update Windows to the latest release.

There are different kinds of Windows update errors that you’re most likely to face while doing the upgrade. Well, one should not stop updating OS because of such sticky and annoying errors, right? Because updating your machine on a regular basis is highly recommended, at least we do.

If you recently faced 0x80070422 on your computer, don’t worry. Because I had faced the same once and therefore I have written this article just to help you deal with Windows update error 0x80070422. I have got 5 solutions and one of them will most definitely get rid of this mess and allow you to continue with your download. 


What is error 0x80070422?


It is one of the errors that occur while you are trying to update or while you are looking for updates. The cause may be a virus or malware attack. It may also occur if the Windows service is not running properly or if it is running under a wrong account.

As there are not very specific causes behind 0x0070422 Windows 10, I will direct you directly towards a variety of working solutions. Here you go.

How to fix error 0x80070422?

Solution 1: Check Windows update service status

This is quite an easy method and just requires you to confirm that windows update is up and running without any trouble. Here’s how you proceed.

  1. Use the Windows Search bar to look for Control Panel and open it. 
  2. Choose Administrative Tools from it. 
  3. Look around for Services and run it.
  4. Locate the Windows Update service and view its properties by double-clicking.
  5. Make sure to set its Startup Type to Automatic from the drop-down list. And if the Service status does not say Running then choose the Start option.
  6. After you are done don’t forget to select OK in order to save these settings.
  7. Now, restart your system.

error 0x80070422

Solution 2: Disable IPv6

IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol version 6. It is a little something that helps you with data communications over a packet-switched network. You don’t need to know anything more than that. Some users had resolved this error 0x80070422 by disabling IPv6. Here’s how you can accomplish it.

  1. Get to the Control Panel.
  2. Open Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Click on your connection and open its Properties.
  4. Locate Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and from the list before you. 
  5. You can now disable it by unchecking the box.
  6. After this is done restart your computer. This will probably solve the issue.

windows update error 0x80070422

Solution 3: Check EnableFeaturedSoftware Data

The method to fix error code 0x80070422 uses the Registry editor to solve the issue.

  1. Use the Windows Search bar and type in Regedit.
  2. Open the first app from the search results. This will be Registry Editor.
  3. The program will ask to run using windows administrator. Let it. 
  4. From the left pane double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  5. From the subfolders that appear double click on SOFTWARE.
  6. Repeat the process along this line
Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > WindowsUpdate > Auto Update

Please do note that the path you have to take may vary depending on your version of windows

Finally, you have to make sure that EnableFeaturedSoftware Data is set to 1.

0x80070422 store

Solution 4: Restarting Network List Service

The Network List Service keeps a tab on all the networks to which your computer has been connected. This method requires you to switch it off and then just switch it right back on.

  1. Bring your cursor to the Windows Search bar. 
  2. Type in run and hit enter after clicking the first search result. The Run dialogue box will open. Alternatively, you can open it by pressing the Windows Key + R key.
  3. In the space provided against Open, type services.msc. Then click on OK option to launch Windows Services.
  4. Look around for Network List Services in the right pane. 
  5. Choose the Restart option from the list you get by double-clicking on Network List Services.

error code 0x80070422

Now that you are done, try updating again.

Solution 5: Run Windows Update troubleshooter

Windows update troubleshooter is a built-in app that is designed to help you with any kind of trouble that might pop up during an update. Well, this may be the first thing you wanna try to fix the error 0x80070422 store if you’re not a techie.

You do have to be logged in as an administrator for this whole thing to work.

  1. Search for troubleshooting in the windows search bar. Select the first result (Troubleshoot Settings). 
  2. When it opens choose Troubleshoot from the list of options you get.
  3. Now select Windows Update. Then hit the Run the troubleshooter button.
  4. Now, wait for the troubleshooter to look for any issues and fix them.
  5. After that’s done, restart your computer.

error 0x80070422 windows

Wrapping up,

Error 0x80070422 can lead to several issues and improper functioning of your system because of a fault in an outdated OS version. Therefore, it is better to fix it as fast as you can. With the above-mentioned solutions, you will be able to fix this Windows update error easily.

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