Is PS4 Not Working? How to Fix PS4 Error Codes

PS4 Error Codes: PS4 had to deal with the nearly impossible task of superseding the hugely successful PS3, and boy did it deliver. With cutting edge visuals, backed up with quality exclusives like Uncharted, God Of War, and The Last Guardian, PS4 has become the go-to console for gamers.

With affordable pricing and a good multiplayer system, PS4 offers a high value for money. Moreover, to take advantage of the 4K resolution, a beefy and more powerful version of the PS4, the PS4 Pro has released as well. Sony has also assured gamers that it will continue to support the console even into the next generation.

However, despite all its features, you might occasionally run into a few errors and bugs here and there. Therefore, in this article, you are gonna get a complete walkthrough on how to solve popular and frequent PS4 error codes.


PS4 Error Code CE-30002-5

PS4 Error Code CE-30002-5
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Usually, this error is experienced when trying to update the system. When you are updating the firmware, you may face the same in the middle of the process, right after boot up. On the other hand, you may experience error code ce-30002-5 while loading your favorite game from the portable hard drive.

Here are some fixes that may get your error resolved.

Solution 1: Update PS4 firmware

  1. Switch on your PS4 console, head over to the Notifications section and remove all the notifications regarding the system update.
  2. Power off your PS4 console.
  3. Keep pressing on the power button until you hear 2 beeps sounds, the first of which can be heard immediately and the second one around 5-10 seconds later. Now, the console will boot in the ‘safe’ mode.
  4. With the help of a USB cable, connect the PS4 controller and then press the PS key.
  5. Choose the third option: “Update System Software” and then click on the “Update using Internet” button.
  6. If the error still occurs then choose option 5: “Rebuild Database” and proceed again.

Solution 2: Format external HDD

Well, as mentioned earlier, if you are getting error code CE-30002-5 on your display, it is an HDD file format issue. Or, your system files stored on an external hard drive is corrupted. Either way, formatting hard disk drive should eliminate the issue.

There are two ways of formatting HDD. Connect HDD to the computer and perform the full format. And, another one contains connecting the hard drive to the PS4 and format from its settings.

PS4 error NP-36006-5

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One of these PS4 error codes is usually due to some faults in the Playstation network. Symptoms force log out after opening a game and displaying – Error has occurred (NP-36006-5).  Anyway, you can try the following methods to fix it.

Solution 1: Backup and restore

  1. First of all, you need to create a backup of all the saved data using a USB device or via the PS+ online storage. (Settings> System> Backup & Restore> Backup PS4).
  2. Now, go to the settings option, select the user and remove the account. (Settings> Users> Delete User> Select  account)
  3. Next, you should recreate the account, and move the saved data back into the device and try again. (System> Backup and Restore> Restore PS4)
  4. If you still get the error, head over to Settings and choose Initialization and then try to initialize your PS4.

Solution 2: Restore default settings

Before proceeding with the method, we recommend that you back up all the data. If you are not familiar with how to back up all data, follow the above method.

  1. Turn off your PS4.
  2. Press the power button until you hear two beep sounds.
  3. Now, the console will boot up in the safe mode. Here, many options are listed. Choose the Restore Default Settings option.

Solution 3: Delete trophies

Received trophies have been causing PS4 error np-36006-5 according to many users. So, its a good idea deleting trophies as described below.

  1. Go to Settings > Profile > Trophy.
  2. Search for a game with 0% trophy.
  3. Open option for that game and press delete this trophy.

PS4 Internet Connection Failed

PS4 is basically famous for its multiplayer experience. Is PS4 not working because of internet connection failed error?. This means that you won’t be able to avail any of the multiplayer options or access the online features.

There are many reasons for this error. But instead of listing related causes, here a few solutions that fix the error.

Solution 1: Change DNS settings

  1. Head over to the PS4 Menu and then choose the Settings section.
  2.  Now, click on Network and then select the ‘Set Up Internet Connection’ option.
  3. Either choose WIFI or the LAN cable option. We prefer you to take them later.
  4. Change the DNS Settings to manual and then make as the primary DNS and select as the secondary DNS.
  5. Now change the MTU Settings (Automatic) and then Proxy Server as Do not use and you are fine to go.

Solution 2: Restart your router

  1. Turn off your Router.
  2. Disconnect the power supply.
  3. Wait for at least 10 seconds.
  4. Switch on your console.
  5. Finally, restart the router and see if the error is gone.

Solution 3: Update firmware in safe mode

This is an evergreen solution for almost all troublesome PS4 error codes. Well, we have already discussed the same briefly. If you directly landed at this solution, you are requested to go to solution 1 of error code ce-30002-5.

Multiple users have confirmed that disabling the N Mode in your wireless settings can solve the issue. Go to the Wi-Fi settings > disable the N mode.

Ps4 cannot connect to server

PS4 error codes

Solution: Modify internet connection setting

  1. From the home screen, choose Settings.
  2. Now, choose the Network option.
  3. Tap on the Setup Internet Connection option.
  4. Click on the Wi-Fi option.
  5. In the next screen, click Custom.
  6. Select the Wi-Fi network.
  7. Choose automatic from the IP Address Settings menu.
  8. Choose automatic for the next two options as well. (DNS, MTU)
  9. Do not use a Proxy Server.
  10. Now, test your connection.

Wait until you receive the message saying that the connection is complete. Now, check if the error is gone.

PS4 DNS Error (NW-31250-1)

PS4 DNS Error (NW-31250-1)

This is not like typical PS4 error codes but you may face internet related errors. Or, a directly error should throw A DNS error has occurred. (NW-31250-1)

If you are a Steam user, you may face the exact same Steam error which can also be resolved by changing the DNS. DNS points are the same but changing methods vary.

Solution: Change the DNS

  1. Choose the Settings tab from the Home menu.
  2. From the network, tab selects the Set Up Internet Connection’ option.
  3. Choose WiFi or Lan.
  4. When using Wi-Fi, choose Custom and then your Wi-Fi connection.
  5. From the IP Address Settings section, you have to select the ‘Automatic’ option.
  6. From the DNS Settings, choose manual.
  7. You can find two fields- Primary and Secondary DNS. Set both of them as and
  8. Choose Automatic in the MTU Settings and Do Not use in the ‘proxy server’.
  9. Now, check whether the issue is resolved or not.

If this DNS doesn’t work, use the following DNS and check the PS4 DNS error status.

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

Wrapping up,

PS4 error codes should not be wandering around you now. All major PS4 errors that you are likely to encounter are described here with multiple solutions. Unfortunately, if you are still facing the same, try to provide the exact situation in the comment section.

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