Is Cydia Impactor Not Working? Fix Cydia Impactor Errors

Cydia Impactor Errors: If you’re landed here from Google directly, I can certainly judge you being an iOS geek who is trying a variety of apps that aren’t available on App Store.

Well, congratulations! You’re among that 5% of mankind who actually reclaim the money they paid for whether it is a device or stationeries.

I am summoning those users who are using such third-party apps from different sources. You must be installing them either via kind of app signers or using third party app inventories. I believe installing any kind of iOS app is really easy using Cydia Impactor.

Cydia Impactor is nothing but an app signer using which one will be able to sideload any IPA in iOS devices. This is the most simple method you will find on the internet to install an outside app.

Drag and drop IPA files may sound cool which is true indeed, but you are prone to face unknown cydia impactor errors in between. Are these errors frustrating you? You’re at the right place to get rid of them.


Cydia Impactor Errors Causes

Depending on your operating environment, don’t hesitate to welcome any cydia impactor error. It may be troubling you but it is gonna be alright after getting multiple working solutions.

Well, before proceeding further, here are some common causes of cydia impactor errors that you should consider before having your hands on Cydia Impactor.

  • No iTunes/old iTunes version installed
  • Utilization of old Cydia Impactor version
  • Dragging IPA directly on .zip file
  • 2FA enabled on your Apple account
  • Bricked IPA files

Whatever the cause it is, you are gonna get a perfect diagnosis along with medicare in this article. It is going to be long as we’ve listed almost all cydia impactor errors that exist on this planet. Get ready to roam!

Cydia Impactor Errors & Solution

cydia impactor errors

1. Imactor.exe has stopped working

This is the common error which Windows OS users face while using certain software. The current software/tool is not compatible with OS version you’re using is a probable cause.


  • impactor.exe has stopped working

Solution 1: Run impactor.exe in compatibility mode

Step 1: Download the latest cydia impactor and extract it to the easily accessible location.

Step 2: Right-click on impactor.exe and select “Properties” from a pop-up.

Step 3: Navigate to Windows > Compatibility.

Step 4: Now, tick this option: “Run this program in compatibility mode for

Step 5: Choose Windows XP/7 out of the list of the OS and hit Apply.

Solution 2: Change administrator account

Step 1: Create a brand new Microsoft account.

Step 2: Navigate to Setting > Accounts > Family and other users on your operating Windows OS.

Step 3: You can add either a family member or someone else to this PC option.

Step 4: Now, login with the account you created in the first step.

Step 5: Head again towards Setting > Account where you will be able to see the newly added account. Click on added account and make it Administrator by changing account’s type.

Now log out of the old account and try opening your impactor.exe files. If it is still not opening, you need to update your system or reset the Windows.

2. crypto-win.cpp:29


  • crypto-win.cpp:29 Key not valid for use in specified state


  1. Move yourself to downloaded Cydia Impactor folder and find a file with .key extension. (It will have long name)
  2. Just delete it and you’re good to go.

3. installation.cpp:42 

This specific error may be caused because you are directly dropping IPA files onto the cydia impactor.


  • file: installation.cpp; line:42; what;
  • Maximum signature usage limit reached

Solution 1: Use unzipped version of IPS

  1. Unzip the IPA file first and then try dropping it on cydia impactor.

Solution 2: Remove the existing App ID

  1. Navigate to Xcode > Delete App ID.
  2. Enter your Apple credentials.
  3. Tap on OK to save changes and try sideloading again.

4. installation.cpp:51

The main cause of this error is that IPA you’re trying to install is not supported by the iOS version you’re using.


  • file: installation.cpp; line:51; what;


  1. Find out the version that IPA supports and upgrade/downgrade your iOS version accordingly.
  2. Close the impactor screen, connect your iOS device and let cydia impactor recognize your device. Give it a go again!

5. lockdown.cpp:57 

Unavailability of latest iTunes is causing this error. Alternatively, your iOS device is connected in a way that computer cannot read it.


  • file: lockdown.cpp; line: 57; what;


  1. Install latest verison of iTunes.
  2. Disconnect and connect your iOS device to the computer.
  3. On your iOS device, tap on “Trust” this computer and follow the procedure.

6. provision.cpp:62


  • provision.cpp:62
    _assert(response.head[“content-type”] == “text/x-xml-plist”)

Solution 1: Accept development policy

  1. Log in to Apple developer portal from here using your Apple credentials.
  2. Tick the developer agreement pop up and submit.

Solution 2: Troubleshoot cydia impactor error 62

  1. Try sideloading IPA file repeatedly. A few tries will make it.
  2. Disconnect and reboot your iOS device. Reconnect and attempt installation.
  3. Trying VPN over US country makes this disappears according to users worldwide.

7. provision.cpp:71/79

There may be a problem with app certificate which is showing cydia impactor 71 error. Or, you are sideloading an existing app may be the cause.


  • provision.cpp:71
  • provision.cpp:79


  1. At first, check if the same app(older) is already installed. If so, delete it.
  2. On cydia impactor, navigate to Xcode > Revoke Certificates.
  3. Enter your Apple ID and password and hit enter.

8. provision.cpp:80


  • provision.cpp:80
    ios/submitDevelopmentCSR =7460
    You already have a current iOS development certificate or a pending certificate request.


  1. On cydia impactor, navigate to Xcode > Revoke Certificates.
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password and hit enter.

9. provision.cpp:81

Some Apple IDs are automatically signing IPA which is causing the error. Or, you may be using ReProvision to sign IPA files. Revoking certificates won’t solve this error.


  • provision.cpp:80


  1. Go to Menu > Toolbar >Manage certificates
  2. Tap on minus denial sign against Devie: Cydia
  3. Try signing IPA again.

10. lockdown.cpp:84

As the name suggests, all lockdown cydia impactor errors are related to iOS device lock. You may be entering wrong id/password or devices is locked.


  • file: lockdown.cpp; line: 84; what;


  • Just enter your iPhone lock password or unlock it via fingerprint.
  • Open cydia impactor screen and drop IPA file again.

11. provision.cpp:138


  • provision.cpp:138


  1. Download cydia impactor 0.9.46 as it has fixed this issue.

12. provision.cpp:150


  • provision.cpp:150


  1. Sideload IPA via cydia impactor using new apple credentials.
  2. Or, you can just set an app-specific password and use while impactor asks.

13. provision.cpp:158


  • provision.cpp:158
    SSL certificate problem: self-signed certificate in certificate chain


  1. Download cydia impactor and your desired ipa.
  2. Now, perform the drag and drop action.
  3. Once ipa installed, navigate to Setting >> General >>Device Management.
  4. Select your installed app out of a bunch of others.
  5. Finally, tap on Trust to authorize the developer.

14. provision.cpp:159


  • provision.cpp:159


  1. Just download latest (v0.9.46) cydia impactor version.
  2. Or, go to Menu > Impactor > Check for update and install the latest one.

15. provision.cpp:168

This is one of the most popular cydia impactor errors. The main cause includes pending authorization of the app’s certificate.


  • provision.cpp:168
    You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request

Solution 1: Revoke certificates

  1. Open cydia impactor gui tool.
  2. Plug your iOS device to the computer where impactor screen is running.
  3. Go to Menu > Xcode > Revoke Certificates

Solution 2: Use fresh Apple ID

  1. Go to Apple web platform from here.
  2. Sign up with a new email address.
  3. Try this credential while sideloading IPA file.

Solution 3: Make use of app-specific password (fix cydia impactor 173 error)

  1. Go to Apple web platform and login.
  2. Scroll a bit and find Security > App-specific password.
  3. Fill tag name and tap on Create.
  4. A password will be shown on the next screen. Copy it to clipboard.
  5. Use this credential while cydia impactor asks after dropping ipa.

16. provision.cpp:173 


  • file: provision.cpp; line:173; what;
    Please sign in with an app-specific password. You can create one at


  1. As mentioned in error 168, just create an app-specific password and you’re done!
  2. If cydia impactor error 173 is still troubling you, disable 2fa from your Apple ID and give it a shot!

17. http-win.cpp:180

Cydia impactor error 180 is occurring because firewall or antivirus is blocking internet access to cydia impactor.


  • http-win.cpp


  1. Disconnect and reconnect your internet connection.
  2. Disable your antivirus or firewall while you perform the sideloading action.
  3. There’s no space for VPN here as well.

18. http-win.cpp:182

Another one of a few cydia impactor errors which usually encounters the most. It is nothing but an error caused by SSL.


  • file: http-win.cpp; line:182; what;
    Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)


  1. Open cydia impactor and connect your iOS device.
  2. Menu >> Impactor >> enable Insecure SSL.

19. plist.hpp; line:214


  • plist.hpp; line: 214


  1. IPA you’re trying to install is broken.
  2. Download the same IPA from another trusted source and try it again.

20. zip.cpp:311


  • zip.cpp: 311


  1. IPA you’re trying to install is broken.
  2. Download the same IPA from another trusted source and try it again.

21. desktop.cpp:314


  • desktop.cpp:314


  1. You don’t have iTunes installed. Download latest iTunes and you’re good!

21. ipa.cpp: 438

  • ipa.cpp: 438
    cannot find .app/info.plist


  1. Replace missing .app/info.plist file.

22. ipa.cpp: 490/420

Whenever you get cydia impactor errors with ipa written inside, the first thing you need to try is downloading your IPA file again. It may be corrupted or not downloaded entirely.


  • file: ipa.cpp; line: 490; what;


  1. You downloaded IPA file is corrupted.
  2. Download it again or try a different source.

23. zip.cpp:505

This is certainly showing because you’re using an older version of cydia impactor. I think you know the fix!


  • zip.cpp:505 _assert(writ>=0)


  1. Download latest cydia impactor. That’s it.

24. zip.cpp:597


  • file: zip.cpp; line: 597


  1. Kill the impactor screen.
  2. Have the latest cydia impactor ready.
  3. Reboot your computer and try the installation again.

25. impactor.cpp:637


  • Impactor.cpp: 637


  1. Uninstall iTunes if you’ve already installed. Install the latest one.
  2. Or, check for updates in iTunes and update it.

26. provision.cpp:698


  • provision.cpp:698 error


  1. Reboot your iOS device and computer once.
  2. Check for iTunes updates if any.
  3. Try changing the iOS connector.

Wrapping up,

After this massive list of cydia impactor errors and its solution, there is no space for being unable to install IPA on iOS devices. Catching the root of an error will help you solve it easily. If you are still facing any cydia impactor error, let us know via comment section. Let’s help the community.

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