Snapchat++ APK Download For iOS & Android

Snapchat++ APK: Fallas! As we all know, Snapchat is one of the most popular apps present in the Android and iOS app store and has a huge fan following. Some of its features are so loved by users that even WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were forced to adopt them on their platforms to stay in the competition.

There are hardly any smartphone users who might not have tried using Snapchat or are not addicted to its features. Now, what if we ask you that we can provide you an app that can offer even more awesome features in addition to what Snapchat offers?

We are sure you will definitely like to try that app too. Today we are writing this article to introduce you to one such app called Snapchat++ for iOS and Android. As the name suggests, it will offer you even more awesome features that you have been wanting from Snapchat.

What is Snapchat++?snapchat++ apk

It is a modded app of Snapchat, meaning that the original app of Snapchat has been modified by enthusiasts like you and me to tweak the original app by customizing it according to users demands. However, we would first like to clarify that it is not as simple as downloading from the Google Play or iTunes store like other apps.

As we mentioned earlier this app is not available on official stores of both platforms, that’s where we come in to guide you about the steps to download and install Snapchat++ on your Android and iOS smartphones.

So read this article to find out the ways to get this awesome app. You may also like to read Youtube Red APK which is a similar modification of the official youtube app. Let us download snapchat++ android to get familiar with its features.

How to Download Snapchat++ APK for Android?

If you are already aware of modded APKs or have used them earlier, then you might already know that these apps are available on third-party websites only. Because of its tweak, it won’t be available on either Google Play Store or App Store. Download snapchat++ apk from given below download button.

Download Snapchat++ IPA v10.27.1 Latest

Let us introduce you to the best features of Snapchat++ apk and its advantages over the official Snapchat app.

Features of Snapchat++ APK

Download videos and pictures from Snapchat stories

We often have an urge to save or download videos and pictures of your friends from a Snapchat story while watching them, but the official Snapchat app does not let you do that. This feature is brought to you at your fingertips by Snapchat++ as it offers a feature to let you active video or photo downloading feature and makes it very easy for you.

Sending pictures or videos directly to Snapchat from the studio

Many of us wanted a feature where we can directly send photos or videos from studio to Snapchat app, but this was not possible in Snapchat earlier. Snapchat++ APKis here to help you for that too. You can easily send your media to this app directly from studio.

You can download Snapchat++ for Android from here but be informed that your Android will require to be rooted for this app to work and it works on Android 4.0 or higher only. Moreover, you will have to enable the ‘allow third-party app installation’ option from your Android settings as you are downloading this from a third party site.

How to Install Snapchat++ App for Android & iOS

We all know that Apple takes security very seriously and it is difficult to get a third-party app to load it on your iOS. But it does not mean that there is no way for iOS users to enjoy Snapchat++.

You will also be able to spoof your location, increase record strength and customize notification sound and launch view according to your wish. So here are the steps to install Snapchat++ on iOS:

#1. Download Snapchat++ using Buildstore

  1. Firstly, you will have to uninstall the original Snapchat app from your iPhone. We are saying this as you cannot use both apps on your iPhone together. We know this is sad, but you will enjoy the new Snapchat++ even more.
  2. Second, visit the buildstore website and register. After registration, connect your iPhone with this registered account.
  3. Then open this website to download Snapchat++ ipa and search for this app.
  4. Once you see this app, click on “install” button. Snapchat++ will be installed automatically on your iOS device.
  5. You are done. Congratulations, you have just unlocked the whole new world of apps on buildstore that might not be available on iOS store.

#1. Download Snapchat++ using IPASigner

We also have one more method to show how you can download Snapchat++ on your iOS, see below:

  1. Similar to the above method, firstly uninstall the official Snapchat app from your iPhone.
  2. Second, visit ipasigner and then click on “Install Snapchat plus++ with push notifications.
  3. As seen above, the website will prompt you to let it install Snapchat++ on your iOS. When you click ‘install’, the app will be installed on your iPhone.
  4. Now go to Settings -> General -> Device management -> TRANSLAINGRUPP, OOO.
  5. Click on TRANSLAINGRUPP, OOO and on the following prompt click “Trust”.
  6. You are done. You can now see Snapchat++ apk installed on your iPhone and log in as usual to use it.


We have arrived at an end of this article here and hope Snapchat lovers will enjoy this app even more with its new features. In addition to that, don’t forget that we have introduced you to two cool third party sites for downloading more amazing apps on iOS. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and happy snapping! 🙂


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