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Hi Friends! Today we will introduce you to a new modded APK of one of your favourite games called brave frontier. Many of us already know about modded APK’s and many have also used it for various apps. Brave frontier mod APK is certainly going to give you a unique experience.

For those who don’t know, modded APK’s are the modified apps that are developed by enthusiasts by tweaking the features of the original app to customize according to users demands. Brave Frontier is an action game which has a huge fan following and is rated high on the play store.

Using Brave frontier mod APK, you can fight the battle in your own way by assembling hundreds of legendary heroes and lead them to the darkest hordes. There are over 500 story-driven missions in this game. The official app works on Android 3.0 and higher and requires 41 MB of your data to install.

brave frontier mod apk

The storyline of the game:

This is a story about a land that is being destroyed by a war between humans and the Gods that took place many years ago. The land is surrounded by mystery but covered in havoc as certain places have been conquered by four fallen gods, who have betrayed their fellow gods.

The Imperial Army of Randall does their best to handle the land against the fallen gods, but have not been able to conquer them. But in the meanwhile, a god by the name of Lucius calls a hero to liberate the land of Grand Gaia from the fallen gods.

The storyline revolves around the unnamed summoner and players have to complete every stage to access a new area. Players make friends through friend requests and are allowed to bring up to 5 units in each stage. The player is rewarded by the way of Brave Burst Crystals, and Heart Crystals when he attacks units in a battle.

The player proceeds to the next stage after an enemy is defeated. When players complete the entire area, they are rewarded with one gem, but if they fail a quest, they have to use one gem to continue playing.

The event quests are available inside the Vortex Gate which allows players to obtain evolutionary units, Zel or promotional rare units. Certain dungeons like Metal Parades, Jewel Parades, and Imp Parades require keys to unlock for a limited time.


Features of Brave Frontier APK:

Hundreds of legendary heroes and beasts to collect.
Hundreds of missions in combat as you fight through bosses
PVP arena mode. Achieve the ranks to receive rare equipment and other rewards.
Synthesize potions or craft powerful equipment by upgrading resource fields in your town.
Daily and weekly challenges to keep you engaged.

Download Brave Frontier Mod APK

You can easily download the brave frontier mod apk using the download button provided below:

Download Brave Frontier Mod APK

Install Brave Frontier Mod APK:

In order to install the modded APK, you will have to remove the official app and follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the settings screen of your android phone, you will find “Security” or “Lock screen and security” option on the settings screen.
  2. When you click on the option mentioned in the above step, you will see one more option called “unknown sources”. You just need to turn this option ON for smooth installation of Brave Frontier APK. Otherwise, your Android device will block this APK and not let you install and enjoy the game.
  3. Download brave frontier mod APK from the button provided above.
  4.  Then you will find the brave frontier mod APK in the downloads folder of your phone. Bingo! You did it. Now you are at the final step; that is installing the APK to unlock your favourite features.
  5. Once you locate the APK in the Downloads folder, just click on the APK and in the prompt for installation that you see on screen, click install, just like you would do for any other app.
  6. The installation will finish in less than a minute. After the installation is finished, you can click on open and start playing brave frontier without any limitation.

Features of Mod APK:


  1. Quests & Vortex will cost 0 energy, a useful energy hack
  2. Parades will be open always
  3. Instant Brave Burst
  4. Instant Super Brave Burst
  5. God mode with Quest, Vortex, and Arena
  6. Zero key cost for parades
  7. Instant Brave Burst Overdrive


  1. Zero key cost for quests and vertex
  2. Zero key cost for parades
  3. Parades will be open always
  4. Instant win with quests and vortex
  5. God mode


  1. All vortex open
  2. Unlimited farm frog, imp elgif and etc
  3. Zero energy cost for Quests and Vortex
  4. Temporary item slot 38250 /item cap 250
  5. Enemy hp 10000
  6. God mode
  7. All quest open
  8. Evo no need level max
  9. Instant Brave Burst
  10. Instant Super Brave Burst

The mod may sometimes crash on Android 8.1 and it can work on unrooted devices too. We hope that this article was helpful to you and you will enjoy brave frontier modded APK with lots of enticing features. Happy gaming 🙂

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