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Hey Folks! Do you feel annoyed with the YouTube advertisement as same as me? Want to stop these advertisements? We have a great news for you. We are coming with the new app which is called YouTube Vanced APK through which you can easily stop these annoying advertisement. We all know that videos are very important for all of us. Either it was from any of the categories like Comedy, Songs, Serials, Movies, etc. We watch videos on many websites and social sites also like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Most of the persons use the platform of YouTube for watching videos and I think it is the most important platform for the video seekers. Because you will find any type of videos on YouTube but due to the ads, we cannot watch videos smoothly. As a result, we are frustrated and stop surfing. So the developers create the latest version or you can say a modded version of YouTube. This is an official app so don’t worry about anything. However, you can also try youtube red apk for its amazing features.

This is launched for the users who want to watch videos without any advertisement. Google-owned YouTube app is the most usable app in the recent time and there are millions of users who use this app. Before discussing anything, firstly we need to know about this latest version of the YouTube app.

What is YouTube Vanced APK?

youtube vanced apk

This app is the latest or modified version of Youtube which has many features. If anyone wants to play music or video in the background then they can easily do. This app proves itself good because it can reduce your time of watching advertisement without your permission. In the YouTube app, we need to open the app if want listens to music or videos but YouTube Vanced APK comes with a great feature which is not present in the YouTube. You can minimize the app and sit back. The video will not stop. It will run in the background like other applications.

The members of XDA developer team has developed this YouTube Vanced app. The app gets updated in such a way that when the YouTube app is updated then automatically YouTube Vanced will update. It means you don’t need to update this app separately. But as we all know that, every app has some disadvantages also. The main disadvantage of this app is that there is no option of downloading videos from the YouTube application. Besides this demerit, we have all the features present in the YouTube.

Features of YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APK is the perfect application which contains many features out of them some are listed below:

You can watch the videos and listen music in the background
If you are using any other app and you want the watch the video at the same time then YouTube Vanced has the features of PIP (Picture in Picture mode). When you enable this mode, you can easily watch videos at the same time when you want to work on other apps also.
You can easily set the default playing video so that there is no need to click on the video again and again.
You can change the themes with the help of Vanced settings option. For example, black, white, blue, dark, pink etc.

There are many other features which you will get to know when you download Youtube Vanced app.

Download Youtube Vanced APK [Non Root]

You can download youtube background playback apk known as YouTube Vanced App from following download links. Be ready to feel the UI experience of black youtube apk, youtube pink and youtube black and white version!

How to Install YouTube Vanced APK?

  • You need to uninstall all the updates and disable the option of an auto update on play store.
  • Now download the official YouTube Vanced app.
  • This is installed just like other applications. If Unknown Source of Security option is disabled then enable it otherwise your app will not get install.
  • For login to the account, you need to download one more file known as MicroG APK.
  • Now Choose any theme from the Layout option.
  • After selecting the theme, you have all the permissions to access the videos and watch videos without any interruption of advertisement.
  • For changing the background, the Settings option is present.


This is all about the YouTube Vanced APK. Besides this, if you want to ask anything or face problems in installing or downloading then you can drop the comment in the comment box and we will surely help you. This app contains an advanced and useful feature through which you will never get frustrated by the advertisement. This is a free application. You don’t need to pay any money to anyone. So what are you waiting for? I already downloaded this app and trust me, you will take a good experience from this app. Give us your views in the comment section after using it and keep visiting for more information just like above.

  • YouTube Vanced APK | YouTube Background APK Download


Youtube Vanced APK is the modified version of Youtube app which has many features. You can play music or video in the background using youtube vanced app. On the other hand, you can use beautiful theme of Youtube Vaced apk.

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